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I am a personal trainer with a difference. I specialise in working with people who have low self-esteem and a lack of body confidence (let’s face it, that’s most of us!).

Through exercise and life coaching skills I can help you learn to listen to and love your body and appreciate all it can do for you, and you for it.

After all, it is the only body you will ever have, it is YOU.

If you train with me, we will not celebrate weight LOSS, inch LOSS and size LOSS, but we will celebrate strength GAINS, stamina GAINS, distance GAINS, health GAINS and above all confidence GAINS.

Booking your first session with me is your first step to loving yourself enough to make yourself a priority. Your first step to loving yourself from the inside out!



I am based in Derby and have been a qualified personal trainer since 2008 and have worked in the fitness industry ever since. I am a mum to 3 young children and in my ‘spare time’ (ha!) I am training to become a qualified counsellor.

I have always been on the side of balance and lifestyle rather than fad diets and exercise as punishment, but as I continue on my training to become a counsellor I have found myself more and more leaning away from the industry I used to so love.

 I have always felt a profound urge to want to help people, but I feared by encouraging people’s weight loss goals I was merely fuelling their low self-esteem issues and colluding with them: if they were just a bit (or a lot in some cases) smaller, thinner, skinnier, lighter, whatever you want to call it, that they might somehow be happier.

I believe happiness can’t be found in a certain weight, size, or shape, but in a mind-set.

I believe we should stop talking about exercise as a means to achieving some pre-conceived idea as to what a healthy or attractive person LOOKS like, but instead focus on all the positive and more achievable results; improved mental and physical health.  



A vast knowledge of the importance of exercise for everyone's health and an abundance of experience to make exercise accesible and enjoyable for all

Honestly, best personal trainer! You never know if your stomach hurts from the laughing or the workout... but then everything else hurts too and you realise, definitely from the workout. Easiest person to get on with though, and definitely the only person who's managed to make me enjoy exercise literally ever!


Amazing workouts, fabulously knowledgeable, and fun and friendly coaching. I love the positivity, the encouragement and (more importantly for me) the 'learn to love yourself' attitude.


Sam is fantastic. Not only does she make exercising fun and enjoyable she is a delight to be around and truly cares about her clients. Such a refreshing, honest and confidence building experience. Thank you Sam. I can not recommend enough.




I am active in the Derby Area of the UK

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